Garage 71 Radio and Grease Inc. Magazine

Garage 71 and Grease Inc. magazine is a kulture! The crew here is all about the ‘gear head’ scene from music, turn wrenches, life style, art, pinups, hot rods/rat rods, motorcycles, bobbers, tattoos and the life style. The crew dedicates themselves with being builders, entertainers, artists and DJ’s. We live the scene daily and want to bring it to life in print and on-air.

Garage 71 Radio Station geared to all ‘motorheads’ alike. This station covers all your favorites from Rockabilly to wrench bending Garage Rock. Tune in to our feature shows including: Reverend Andy’s Psychobilly Freakout, Erin RadioFox Watson, Two Wheel Adventures,  Friday Night’s Junkyard, Tabernacle Sundays and so much more!!! Garage 71 is your “American Radio Revolution”!!!

Grease Inc. Magazine is your Atlanta print source for motorcycles, pinups, hot rods, rat rods, music and the “Kustom Kulture”. Every month Grease Inc. will cover features on local artists and builders. The crew gets behind the scene details from your favorite local and national music acts! The Grease Inc. crew promotes local shops and events. We enjoy hanging out, participating and providing insight for upcoming acts and where to go & what to do. “You see us on the street, you hear our music and now you can take us with you!”


We can’t believe March is already here! It seems like yesterday that we were sitting around at the Thanksgiving table discussing all the fun stories over the year as the season slowly wrapped up. Now, the season begins in full swing! Let us first st (More...)

Love is in the air, ba-da-da-dot-da-dah!!! The Love Boat!!! Yes, that’s right. The month of vibrant reds. The month you remember all the mistakes you’ve made in your relationships and try to make up for them in one night, ha!!! But, it is the (More...)

The Spring Pin-Up Boot Camp has been scheduled due to popular requests throughout the winter!!!  It might be cold out today, but here in the studios at Garage SeventyOne and Grease Inc. Magazine we are warm with thoughts of Spring and Summer! It’ (More...)